Duravor Kreel

LN Male Dwarf - Deceased


Kreel is tall and lanky for a dwarf, with a bristly, iron-grey beard and deep-set eyes beneath bushy eyebrows. With his patched and stained coveralls, the dwarf looks like just another dockworker, but a badge bearing the symbol of the Starfinder Society stands out on his chest.


The party had arranged to meet Duravor in Docking Bay 94 as they exited the Okimaru Transport Vessel. Unfortunately, their arrival immediately turned into a gunfight as two groups opened fire upon each other, Duravor was caught by a stray shot and killed instantly. There was nothing the party or the medical staff that arrived shortly after the incident could do.

The following is what the party found out during their investigation of the fight in docking bay 94

  • Duravor Kreel was a mid-ranking member of the Starfinder Society. Most of his work focused on mineral prospecting, but he also took an interest in mentoring new and prospective members of the Society.
  • Kreel was a native of the Diaspora, the diffuse asteroid belt between Verces and Eox, and was known to have ties to dwarves and other mining groups in the region. An outspoken champion of miners’ rights, Kreel was active in challenging large corporate interests that exploited individual miners and laborers, including Astral Extractions.
  • Kreel had personally invested money in the Hardscrabble Collective. In addition, one of his cousins was a member of the group, but she died in a mining accident—the result of safety violations perpetrated by her contract employer, Astral Extractions.

Duravor Kreel

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